Monday, 28 June 2010


Ok so this is actually starting to be a bit funny! I'm talking about how my weight has remained completely fixed at 81.8kg/180.3lb for six days in a row now! This while my eating and exercise habits have changed wildly from party-mode of no set exercise and too much booze to good-girl-mode managing to both run and bike in the same day, eating healthy and with a calorie deficit. No change. Not up, not down. Not even a 0.1 something variation. Weird. I would have expected at least some water weight changes at least. Nothing! Check it out, this is my progress so far:

Any explanations anyone? =)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Dress Dreams

I had a discussion with Prep4Pretty about the things we look forward to when we have reached our goal weights and I told her one of my dreams is to be able to fit into and look good in a pretty dress. Not the most original or sophisticated goal one could imagine but hey it would be lovely to actually feel good about the way I look and be able to show it off finally! Anyway she asked me if I had heard of Forever 21 and sent me a link to their web shop. I started browsing around and found quite a few dressed I liked! So instead of sending my friend the links to the dresses I liked to show her I thought I'd post them here as a reminder of what I'm struggling towards! :)

And while I'm at it, here are some nice tops I'd want to be able to carry off too!

(All the pictures are from: )

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Giving myself a pat on the shoulder!

I've been such a good girl this past week I felt I had to post my calorie + exercise log to show off a bit!
So here goes:

The fact that I've been getting my exercises in and managing to stay within my calorie limits has shown on the scale as well. Check this out! (The blue line represents my weight)

The only bad thing is that so far today I've spent all day indoors reading people's weight loss blogs and fidding with my own. Hrm... so now I need to go out and get my exercise for the day. :)

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