Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Dress Dreams

I had a discussion with Prep4Pretty about the things we look forward to when we have reached our goal weights and I told her one of my dreams is to be able to fit into and look good in a pretty dress. Not the most original or sophisticated goal one could imagine but hey it would be lovely to actually feel good about the way I look and be able to show it off finally! Anyway she asked me if I had heard of Forever 21 and sent me a link to their web shop. I started browsing around and found quite a few dressed I liked! So instead of sending my friend the links to the dresses I liked to show her I thought I'd post them here as a reminder of what I'm struggling towards! :)

And while I'm at it, here are some nice tops I'd want to be able to carry off too!

(All the pictures are from: )


  1. They're cute! some of them I couldn't carry off without a stick-on bra or plastic surgery, though... two pregnancies and the attendant aftermath will leave one, erm, less than "upright" in some areas.


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