Friday, 26 November 2010

Still alive and not doing too badly!

It has been quite some time since I last posted anything on this blog. There has been much to talk about but somehow I have not had much to say.

My weight has actually gone down a bit compared to my last little plateau although it has been far from steady progress. The last few months I have not been so devoted to my weight loss plan and hence my weight loss has followed a pretty rocky path. However I am pleased to say that despite occasional indulgences I have not lost sight of the overall goal and therefore I am today at 76.3 kg / 168.2 lb. Not very far from my next mini-goal of 74 kg /163.1 lb. Hopefully I will get there soon!

Monday, 28 June 2010


Ok so this is actually starting to be a bit funny! I'm talking about how my weight has remained completely fixed at 81.8kg/180.3lb for six days in a row now! This while my eating and exercise habits have changed wildly from party-mode of no set exercise and too much booze to good-girl-mode managing to both run and bike in the same day, eating healthy and with a calorie deficit. No change. Not up, not down. Not even a 0.1 something variation. Weird. I would have expected at least some water weight changes at least. Nothing! Check it out, this is my progress so far:

Any explanations anyone? =)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Dress Dreams

I had a discussion with Prep4Pretty about the things we look forward to when we have reached our goal weights and I told her one of my dreams is to be able to fit into and look good in a pretty dress. Not the most original or sophisticated goal one could imagine but hey it would be lovely to actually feel good about the way I look and be able to show it off finally! Anyway she asked me if I had heard of Forever 21 and sent me a link to their web shop. I started browsing around and found quite a few dressed I liked! So instead of sending my friend the links to the dresses I liked to show her I thought I'd post them here as a reminder of what I'm struggling towards! :)

And while I'm at it, here are some nice tops I'd want to be able to carry off too!

(All the pictures are from: )

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Giving myself a pat on the shoulder!

I've been such a good girl this past week I felt I had to post my calorie + exercise log to show off a bit!
So here goes:

The fact that I've been getting my exercises in and managing to stay within my calorie limits has shown on the scale as well. Check this out! (The blue line represents my weight)

The only bad thing is that so far today I've spent all day indoors reading people's weight loss blogs and fidding with my own. Hrm... so now I need to go out and get my exercise for the day. :)

Friday, 28 May 2010

Hard data

Thought I would share the results from the body fat estimation that I did today. The news were not good... here I thought I had just escaped the "obese" label but not according to this body fat estimation. I'm thinking of buying one of those scales that can measure your body fat percentage and lean body mass as well as your weight. In reality it's the fat percentage that really matters after all.

My biggest fear

I'm in shock and I feel so cheated. The other day I happened to read a blog post by a person who had managed to lose a lot of weight and who now suffered from excess skin. Wow! I thought, that would be horrible, to work so hard to get a body to be proud of and only to suffer such consequences! Strangely I had never even had the sense to worry about it before that point. Maybe because you get so bombarded all the time with before and after photos as advertisements for some special book, diet plan or pills and on these photos it always looks as though as long as you just lose the weight, you will have a fantastic body! But now I have a brand new fear, what if I can really never ever get that pretty body I have been yearning for my whole life?

I know I shouldn't say this but if that is the case, I feel like I might just give up right now. Yes I know about the endless health related reasons to loose weight, but you know what? Life quality isn't just about being able to move your body freely and having the physical energy to do things. It is also about feeling happy about yourself, and I don't think that would ever be reality if I ended up with bags of excess skin on my belly or thighs. That would forever shatter my dreams of being able to go swimming at a public beach. Or finally having the self-confidence to go after that cute guy. Or... anyways..

Sorry to be so demoralising. No I'm not giving up, but I've been feeling so utterly depressed today that I haven't made it outside my flat the whole day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Well the one good thing about the excess skin issue is that it's the greatest motivating factor for losing weight _slowly_ that I've found so far! I would do _anyhing_ to try and prevent that from happening to me. Below are some of the links I found on the topic. Read those or just search for "excess skin" and you'll find more than you ever wanted to find..

Tighten Skin After Losing Weight

Dieters: How to Avoid Loose Skin Problems

Loose Skin Blues 

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Spinach Challenge!

I mentioned earlier that my stomach seems to be able to fit almost endless amounts of food. Also I can get incredibly hungry. As for this soup; I found that even after a really big portion of it, I still felt like my stomach was just a great big hole in my body. Not a very comfortable feeling. So when I cooked my latest batch of my negative calorie vegetable soup I was looking for ways to make it more filling. What I came up with was spinach! Everybody seem to agree that spinach is a very healthy food choice and it has so few calories in it that it's virtually impossible to get fat from eating it. So I bought a package of frozen spinach and used lots of it in my soup, enough almost to make the soup look a little bit like a vegetable porridge. Perfect!

After trying it out for a couple of days now I can confirm that it did help some. I still maintain a weird, hollow sort of feeling in my stomach even after eating a pretty big portion. BUT, the feeling is not as strong as it was before and not as bad. So, I've decided that including spinach in as many types of dishes as possible when I start cooking more "normal" food is going to be one of my challenges! What are yours?

Size zero girls "less attractive"

Size zero girls 'less attractive

Now that's encouraging ;) I'm sure I will get down to normal weight in time but I don't think I would ever get down to a "size 0" - and nor would I want to. That's just simply TOO skinny!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Oatmeal Recipes

This is really just for myself. My current favourite starting website has collected a number of recipes with oatmeal that I decided I would try out soon. But to make life a little easier for myself I thought I would make more own, more compact collection.

Virtual weight loss!

Don't you wish it would be as easy to lose weight and tone up in reality as it is with Photoshop!

Stress Blues

Today wasn't really the best day. I woke up quite late (thanks to last night's late surfing so it was my own doing) and felt very dehydrated and hungry. For breakfast I had some fruit salad in accordance with my diet plan for this week but since I was so hungry I increased the amount. I figured that I would probably just eat something worse if I couldn't fight off that hunger. My next problem was that I had finished all of the vegetable that I'm suppose to eat for the next two weeks so I had to make a new batch.

Friday, 7 May 2010

A little gloating is allowed, right?

Just wanted to share this article that I stumbled over tonight about "How men caught the weight watching bug". I know this probably makes me a horrible person but I couldn't help gloating a bit when I read it.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

All about calories

I used a BMR-calculator to figure out how many calories I am currently burning and according to those calculations this is the number of calories I should eat if I wanted to maintain my current weight of 86.3 kg (actually 86.2 kg this morning) or 190 pounds.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The first post from a sugar addict

First of all, I wasn't even going to have a blog! I just wanted to check out and subscribe to some blogs belonging to other people and "ooppsidaisy" suddenly here I am with my own. What to do? :o)

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