Thursday, 6 May 2010

All about calories

I used a BMR-calculator to figure out how many calories I am currently burning and according to those calculations this is the number of calories I should eat if I wanted to maintain my current weight of 86.3 kg (actually 86.2 kg this morning) or 190 pounds.

Looking at that it's no wonder I've been gaining weight steadily. First of all I've always thought an average woman would burn 2000 calories without really doing anything! How wrong I was. Yes if I want to weigh 86kg / 190 pounds that's exactly what I should be eating but of course at this weight I have a BMI of almost 29 which is only just below the limit of being obese! Yikes! :O

Now to the amount of calories I should eat if I want to drop to and then stabilize at my goal weight of 59kg /130 pounds:

This brings me down to less than 1700 calories that I can eat without much exercise. That's not much if you consider my favourite pizza has around 1265 calories in it and my favourite chocolate around 840 (and yes it's so good I often eat 2/3 or even all of it in one day)! Now pizza I don't actually eat very often but the chocolate.. ah the chocolate...

I also did a little test to see if I could guess how much of a particular snack contained 100 calories. My result wasn't too bad I would say, especially considering that since I'm not American I've never even heard of most of those particular products that were in the test. The fact that I really can't relate to "c" (guessing that's a cup??) or "oz" really doesn't help either. So considering all that I think I did pretty good. What do you think?

Anyways, all this information kind of makes my head spin a little so I am going out for a little bike ride. Catch you later!

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