Sunday, 9 May 2010

Spinach Challenge!

I mentioned earlier that my stomach seems to be able to fit almost endless amounts of food. Also I can get incredibly hungry. As for this soup; I found that even after a really big portion of it, I still felt like my stomach was just a great big hole in my body. Not a very comfortable feeling. So when I cooked my latest batch of my negative calorie vegetable soup I was looking for ways to make it more filling. What I came up with was spinach! Everybody seem to agree that spinach is a very healthy food choice and it has so few calories in it that it's virtually impossible to get fat from eating it. So I bought a package of frozen spinach and used lots of it in my soup, enough almost to make the soup look a little bit like a vegetable porridge. Perfect!

After trying it out for a couple of days now I can confirm that it did help some. I still maintain a weird, hollow sort of feeling in my stomach even after eating a pretty big portion. BUT, the feeling is not as strong as it was before and not as bad. So, I've decided that including spinach in as many types of dishes as possible when I start cooking more "normal" food is going to be one of my challenges! What are yours?

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