Saturday, 8 May 2010

Stress Blues

Today wasn't really the best day. I woke up quite late (thanks to last night's late surfing so it was my own doing) and felt very dehydrated and hungry. For breakfast I had some fruit salad in accordance with my diet plan for this week but since I was so hungry I increased the amount. I figured that I would probably just eat something worse if I couldn't fight off that hunger. My next problem was that I had finished all of the vegetable that I'm suppose to eat for the next two weeks so I had to make a new batch.
Not a big issue except that I first of all had to go shopping for all the ingredients which ended up taking about an hour and then it took another couple of hours at the least to chop up all the veggies and cook the soup. *sigh*... I don't _like_ cooking! This is a real problem for me, the time I spend preparing my meals feel like such a waste of time. I know it's the best way to make sure you give your body what it needs but it's so boooring! And the time aspect of it really stresses me out as I have other things I need to be doing as well. Losing weight is pretty much a full-time occupation for me now! Seriously, between chopping up fruits and vegetables, washing the dishes, researching and learning more about weight loss, writing this journal and trying to fit some exercise in between I hardly seem to have two moments of time for other obligations. :(

Well at least I have something to eat for the next four - five days at least I'd guess. Which I good cause I am a little worried that I went too many hours without food today so that might have affected my metabolism negatively. Partly to try and avoid that and partly because I didn't have any "real food" to eat between breakfast and this dinner that wasn't ready until maybe 10pm I drank a few glasses of skimmed milk just to keep my system going and after dinner I treated myself to a bowl of fresh strawberries, blueberries and raspberries with skimmed milk and two teaspoons of cocoa without any added sugar or sweeteners. Not as good it would have been with sugar but the sweetness of the berries sort of compensated for the slightly bitter taste of the cocoa and reversed. So all in all, not too bad!'

Now I feel very tired and a little depressed so I'll sign off and go to bed earlier than I have for a week  now.

Sweet dreams everybody!

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