Friday, 7 May 2010

A little gloating is allowed, right?

Just wanted to share this article that I stumbled over tonight about "How men caught the weight watching bug". I know this probably makes me a horrible person but I couldn't help gloating a bit when I read it.
Yes I know I should probably be shocked and feel sorry for "menkind" now but somehow the only thing that is going through my mind is "Hah! Serves them right! Now it's their turn to know what it feels like to always worry about your looks and feel like you are constantly being judged." It feels like some sort of revenge for the comments about my ass, boobs and general figure and looks I have received over the years from men. I'm not necessarily complaining about these comments in particular, just the fact that as a woman you're always first and foremost being judged based on your appearance by men and I hate that!

But maybe it's just the late hour that is making me cranky ;) Either way, I wish you all (both men and women) the best. Take care!

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